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We focus on offering a high quality, service oriented environment for your procedure.

You can put your trust and comfort in Modesto Radiology Imaging Inc.  as an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF), Modesto Radiology Imaging Inc stands apart from most other outpatient imaging centers because IDTFs have substantially more Federally regulated prerequisites and “checks & balances” to meet, that are far more stringent than those that are applied to typical physician-based or hospital-based practices. An IDTF must provide CMS with a complete listing of all the services performed, as well as a detailed listing of all of the equipment used in order to perform those listed tests. If an IDTF wishes to perform additional tests not originally specified on its application, the IDTF would first need to amend its application to add the additional codes and equipment. Some of the other required criteria that distinguishes an IDTF from the many typical outpatient imaging centers are:

  • A list of all physicians who will provide diagnostic test interpretations and for whom the IDTF plans to bill.
  • Must employ one or more supervisory physicians who are proficient in the performance and interpretation of each type of diagnostic procedure performed by the IDTF. A physician group practice cannot be considered a supervisory physician. (Medicare carriers have discretion in determining the qualifications required of a supervisory physician if they are not certified in a medical specialty. This is in accordance with 42CFR410.33(b)(2).
  • The IDTF enrollee must disclose any procedure codes that are not supervised by a physician but are performed by the IDTF.
  • An unannounced mandatory site visit is required prior to enrollment.
  • All technologists are required to meet the standard of possessing a state license and certification/registry by a national credentialing body.
  • An IDTF is required to staff one or more proficient supervisory physicians with the required level of supervision and capable of meeting responsibilities
  • All of the equipment is properly maintained and calibrated for proper performance of all tests performed.

Modesto Radiology Imaging, Inc. is proud to operate as an IDTF, ensuring your comfort in knowing that we meet and exceed every unique standard. 

  Our Services:

  • PET/CT- Positron Emission Tomography        
  • MRI – Open and High Field                               
  • CT—Computed Tomography                                           
  • Nuclear Medicine                                                
  • Ultrasound
  • DEXA-Bone Density 
  • Digital Radiology
  • A dedicated Breast Health Center

Services provided at MRI are accredited by The American College of Radiology (ACR).

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